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From 1948 the first Italian company specialized in hotels and restaurants food supply.

A pioneering and courageous choice of more than 60 years ago has enabled this company, still family owned, to establish itself in the panorama of selection and distribution of food products to the Italian hotels and restaurants industry.

His history roots back in 1800, when the Amoretti family, in the heart of the Italian food valley, initiated its production and commerce activity of cold cuts, hams and salami.

The adventure of the Amoretti family begins with Icilio Amoretti who opened a delicatessen store in Salsomaggiore, beginning the tradition of passion for good things arrived until today, with his grandson bearing his name, driving a company capable of providing a large variety of products to the sector of tourism and hospitality throughout the country.

Courage and foresight have characterized the choice, pioneering for its time, of leaving the trade certainties so that the company tries to grow and reach ever wider markets: just after the Second World War, the family embarks on the adventure to provide raw material to hotels. Since then the company has thrived and Amoretti Plc distributes food references across the country.

Ever since Amoretti is synonymous with quality products, attention for clients, continuous research and expert customization of their food proposal.

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